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Dhruv is a veteran in travel and tourism industry and has also worked in a corporate world. A qualified MBA and a globetrotter, Dhruv has won several accolades for his focused efforts in the field of tourism and take immense pleasure in being the host of his guests at the haveli. Masterji kee Haveli is one of the sustained old traditional haveli in old Delhi that revives and annals of a bygone era and places it on the world map. He has also been trained at LSG Sky Chef in Hong Kong and Tokyo Flight Kitchen in Japan while setting up catering department for Japan Airlines in India. Discover how history of Old Delhi reveals its newer shades with Dhruv.

Founder, Trip Planner & Travel Advisor


Anju Varma is an advisor and travel expert who has travelled to most parts of the world. She has worked with international airlines for many years and has interacted with people from all walks. Her extensive travel experience has made her a passionate person who likes to share history & culture with guests visiting her Soulful, Mystifying, Intense, Loveable, Enchanting Country called India.



A true traveler and amateur photographer Raj is professionally trained in the hospitality industry. He has more than three decades of experience of working with the five star hotels like Oberoi Hotel, Holiday Inn Mumbai, Grand Metropolitan Hotels London and Middle East. He has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in hospitality services. Raj is a ferocious reader who like to share his knowledge.



Chander is an avid reader, researcher, and story-teller. He has been rooted in his culture and surroundings, not just in his research but also in his ideals. Whether it’s art, heritage, or culture, Chander’s expertise and proactive engagement with travelers is achieved with the perfect richness of delivering an experience. Chander is backed by over 30+ years of hands-on global experience with the Hospitality industry. Chander is passionate about showcasing Old Delhi and finds the best counsel and idyllic surroundings for you to explore Delhi and its mysticism, spiritualism, and liveliness.



Varun is a true Old Delhiite at heart. Varun has made his childhood passion for exploring Old Delhi with global dignitaries his biggest asset today. Inspired by his love for Old Delhi, Varun is backed by over 20+ years of hands-on global experience with the logistics industry. He takes pride in his lineage and is all about belonging to the roots and wishes to preserve the stories of Old Delhi for the rest of the world.



Dianne is writer, travel planner and itinerary designer who has more than two decades exploring India. Her passion is sharing the culture and food of India with travelers and has a treasure chest of stories collected over time in India. She believes that journeys are measure in smiles not miles and describes India as her most precious muse

Writer, Travel Planner and Itinerary Designer

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