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We have thoroughly enjoyed this experience ! Thank you Dhruv & family for giving us a personal insight into life in an Indian home. Our Girls had an absolutely fabulous time. An educational experience that they would never have in a class room and will never forget.


Thank you so much for inviting us into your beautiful home. You have a wonderful family...Our evening with you all is the highlight of our trip to Delhi ... I have to say, I fell in love with Delhi last night; the people, the culture, the architecture, the food, the traditions, and so much more. Your hospitality and open hearts are our blessing. The walk through the bazaar was nothing short of fantastic. Thank you so much for this experience. It was amazing.

DES and Stace - Canada

This has been such a brilliant experience, to share your passion for Delhi, your culture & your food. To complete this experience, it was great hospitality & open sharing of your life to have us in your home. The master chef quality food was such a great finish to our day..

Mosha - Australia

Thank you so much !! What a wonderful introduction to India on an first evening here! It has been a truly memorable experience.

Susie - Australia

We have had a wonderful experience - Something that I will remember for a very long time. The foodm the sights and sounds were amazing and Dhruv & family is the perfect host, giving an incredible insight into the culture, history and food. Thank you so much for showing us the real Delhi and for being so hospitable.

Mick - Australia

What can people really cover in one day? Delhi in one day? Today, I have taken a slice of Delhi in just 5 hours!! Starting from the Food Trail, the walk through the Bazaar made me feel like a traveller, romancing the streets of Delhi. We will never forget the joy on our daughters face. The last not the least thank you for the beautiful experience at the Haveli. We were showered with so much of love and hospitality that the experience will remain a shining memory in our hearts.

Sumeena - Mumbai

We had a wonderful experience walking on the streets & alleyways of Old Delhi. The street food was fantastic, something we would not have done on our own. Your hospitality has been exceptional and we feel very privileged to have been invited into your home (Masterji Kee Haveli). We will certainly recommend the experience to our friends.

Mark & Sue Kelly - Australia

What a wonderful time we had. A tour like no other - We will never forget the experience, the warmth and hospitality you have shown us. Thank you for taking us into your home. All the best.

Luke & Stefanie - Newyork, USA

This was one of the best walks I ever had. The food was excellent and Dhruv filled the walk with unique and special experiences. Anyone visiting India should take this walk.

David Kinsey - Switzerland

It was a wonderful experience, full of surprises, flavours as well as human warmth !! Congratulations and many thanks !!

Bertrand Forclaz - Switzerland

Thank you for a lovely evening, first in your neighbourhood and then in your amazing house with your amazing family. We really enjoyed the evening with you, the good talk, food and laugh. I felt like being with close friends. I am grateful to have met you and i would be happy to see you again in India or Germany.

Xenia Boettcher - Germany

We enjoyed very much the walk through Old Delhi local market and especially the warm and heartfelt atmosphere in your nice home, the excellent meal and your friendship.

Oskar - Germany

Thank you for today. We had a great day and the pictures you sent were fantastic.
Please thank your wife for the delicious breakfast, we loved it. You have a beautiful home and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring old Delhi with you.

C Calder - Australia

An amazing evening!! I have been to Delhi multiple times but have never experienced it like this. Great knowledge, tour food and amazing hospitality. Look forward to doing the tour again.

Sid Khanna - Mumbai, India

Good food experience, very nice and friendly reception. Overall I enjoyed the trip very much. I loved the rose kulfi.

Dan Santoso - Jakarta, Indonesia (www.dansantoso.com)

It’s a new food trail experience that everyone should have when they go to Delhi. Good food, nice family and house. God bless!!!

Guntoro - Jakarta, Indonesia

I really enjoyed the time to know more in old Delhi. I enjoyed the food that was cooked by the beautiful lady and a very warm family. I will come back and bring more people to taste and feel that India has a lot of nice persons and delicious food to try. The house is also so traditional. Thank you for introducing and I feel so happy that I could have the chance today. Hope to see you again soon!

Vieldhie - Japan

This is the first time I have come to New Delhi, India and experienced food trail in old Delhi. I enjoyed the reception given by the people and especially the nice family, Dhruv and his pretty wife. It was a great journey to me, taking good pictures, as I am photographer by hobby (a serious one) and I would show it to my friends in Indonesia so that they will also visit and experience the incredible food walk of India.

Luhut Napitupulu - Indonesia

I have read masterji kee haveli, family and the tour. That’s awesome!! I would really like to try this one. It’s wonderful for them to invest in tourism. People should support to protect the heritage, culture and traditions to others especially the future generations otherwise we will be living in a world where nature can only be appreciated in pictures, cultures and traditions could only be experience in films. People should really learn and support these kind of ventures and causes for the best of their country, not in some mining, or other industries that could ruined the natural beauty of it. I know india is an old country with more than old buildings, but they have rich culture, great food, and behind those old structures are wonderful and fantastic stories.. I would love to visit there somehow.

Mylene Lalove - Philippines

Thank you so much for providing me with such a special experience. I loved your home, family and delicious dinner. I need to come next time without eating lunch so I will enjoy fantastic meals even more. Thanks again.

Reeves - University of Michigan, USA

The visit to the Haveli was one of the highlights of our trip. I'm sure that other people who want to have a real Delhi experience will feel the same.. The tour gave us a flavour of the area. I would highly recommend others.

Mike and Sue Swope - Microsoft, USA

Many congratulations for enlightenning the past history of the famous Sita Ram Bazar and placing it on the world map. Delhi has a rich history and glory attached to it,the lanes, the people, the ganga, jamuna, culture and the oneness that you will not find anywhere. i wish you great success

Suresh Gupta - New Delhi

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