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Masterji Kee Haveli in News

Masterji ki Haveli: Bardem & the Cruise Connection Masterji Kee Haveli published in the Inflight Magazine of Eathopian Airlines - October 2014 issue

In his classic travel narrative, City of Djinns: A year in Delhi, William Dalrymple writes, “The haveli was a world within a world, self-contained and totally hidden from the view of the casual passer-by.”


Masterji ki Haveli: Bardem & the Cruise Connection

Letters: Seatbelt sign stays on because passengers are stupid In response to Susan Braddock's request for ideas on Delhi (Traveller Letters, September 1-2 and September 8-9), I recommend the Old Delhi Bazaar Walking Tour run by the friendly and informative Dhruv (masterjikeehaveli.com). This street-food tasting tour, followed by dinner at Dhruv's beautiful home, is a fabulous introduction to the true heart of Delhi and its people. Don't eat beforehand.

Readers recommend: In India, a walk through Old Delhi bazaar In India, a tour through an Old Delhi bazaar offers foods prepared on the spot. June 23, 2012

Heritage walks redefined If you thought heritage walks meant only guided trips to historical monuments, where a tourist guide often adds fiction to facts, Delhi's new-age walking groups are here to change that image. Earlier a 'side business', heritage walks are fast becoming an industry unto themselves, led by qualified heritage enthusiasts, art curators and business management post-graduates.

After an MBA from the UK and 20 years in travel and tourism industry, Dhruv Gupta, returned to Delhi and with his business partner, Anju, gave us Master Jee Ki Haveli. Gupta, who mainly caters to foreign tourists, says, "Interactive cooking sessions and personalised culinary classes are popular among foreign tourists. This gives them an insight into Indian heritage and culture."

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