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About Masterji

Late Shri. Master Ram Kishan Gupta (1913 – 2003) graduated from Hindu College Delhi in the year 1932. He went ahead to do his masters in Sanskrit & Hindi.He was Awarded by the State Government for his meritorious service.

He stayed in this Haveli throughout his life and inherited this haveli through his mother Smt. Gomti Devi who also stayed at this haveli for almost all her life.

By nature, Ramkishan Gupta was a generous and “Satvik” person (Satva is the first among the three phenomenons stated in the Vedas; Satva, Rajas & Tamas. Satva is the phenomenon of purity and only purity. Rajas is the mixture of Good and bad equally. Tamas is Bad alone. So satvik is a person who possesses total purity as his/her trait).

He was fond of keeping cows and devoted his entire life in serving cows. He wanted the society to be educated and he was very specific about children getting educated and he used to teach children.

He was always considered as a pious person soul and was greeted with great respect in the society. Some of his students whom he taught are in good positions in various walk of life.

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